Where to go in November

Escape the gloomy grey skies of Europe and North America and head off for a winter sun holiday in November – you’ll have to go south or east, but the sunshine is not too far away.

Just a few hours flying time from wintry Europe and the UK the Canary Islands offer great beach weather with temperatures hovering around 24°C (75.2°F), slim chance of rain and an average of seven hours sunshine a day. With peak season long gone there are some bargain holidays to be had on the popular islands of Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura

Further south off of the coast of West Africa lie the increasingly popular islands of Cape Verde, offering great surfing and deep sea fishing opportunities in November, with an average daytime temperature of 27°C (80.6°F) and lovely beaches.

Another excellent option is Morocco in north Africa, with its splendid Atlantic coastline – the beach at Agadir is particularly lovely in November, sheltered from the winds with relatively warm sea. Morocco is too hot to visit in high summer, but November (except for the Atlas Mountains which are very cold) is “just right”, with seven or more hours of sunshine a day and warm to hot temperatures.

Travelling east, beyond the now wet and cool Mediterranean, Egypt has cooled down from the scorching heat of mid-summer to mild, pleasant sunny weather in November. It’s the perfect time to take a Nile cruise to visit the ancient archaeological sites, or take a beach break on the stunning Red Sea coast at resorts like Sharm el Sheikh or Hugharda.

To really turn on the heat in November take off for the Middle East. The sun is blazing on Dubai’s beautiful beaches, and the glitzy shopping malls await with a dose of air-conditioned retail therapy. This time of year the heat has tempered enough to make a desert safari a comfortable option.  The more adventurous will enjoy Jordan in November – this Middle Eastern gem offers vast desert landscapes, the Dead Sea and the legendary Rose Red city of Petra.

Even further east, by November India has emerged from its muggy, muddy monsoon season and the winter brings clear, sunny skies with comfortable warm daytime temperatures – though chilly at night in some parts. Winter is beach time in India – relax and party on the beaches of Goa. November also sees the start of the “cool” dry winter season in Thailand, although the southern coasts and islands can still experience a few brief heavy showers. The same is true of Cambodia, one of the less travelled tourist destinations in the region. Get the jump on the tourists set to flock in in December, particularly in Chiang Mai in the north where the weather is ideal for trekking early in the season.

For a true tropical island holiday in November Bali in Indonesia and Mauritius in the Indian Ocean are sublime in November. It’s also the start of the dry season in the Maldives and Sri Lanka – there may still be some lingering rain but it’s worth taking the chance for good deals on the resorts and less crowded conditions.

Northern sun-seekers who don’t mind long-haul flights will find New South Wales and Victoria in Australia alluring as summer kicks in down under. The northern coast of Queensland is wet this time of year, but it is a good time to visit the “Top End” outback region, before it becomes too hot in the height of summer, as well as the long, luscious beaches of Western Australia, where the weather will be hot and dry. It is also a good time to visit New Zealand for an early summer holiday before the rest of the tourists arrive in December.

In the Americas all eyes turn to Mexico in November, particularly the Yucatan Peninsula and the resort city of Cancun, which may be a mite windy but hot and happening. Venezuela is also ideal in November, and of the Caribbean islands Jamaica and the Bahamas offer the best weather. In the USA itself Miami shines in November, and Hawaii is heavenly.