Where to go in June

The month of June provides summery weather in much of the northern hemisphere – particularly the Mediterranean – but the month is still in advance of the long summer school holidays in Europe. So if you have no children to consider, this is the perfect time for a holiday ahead of the high summer rush that is to follow in July and August. Perfect for honeymooners!

Forget beaches for the moment, and consider the big melt that is taking place in northern countries. In Norway the sun is shining brightly for the first time in months and June is the ideal time to enjoy the snow-melt waterfalls, and – above the Arctic Circle – enjoy the midnight sun. Ireland, England and Scotland are equally pleasant in summer and June is a great time to visit the UK for good weather and affordable prices. In North AmericaAlaska offers a similar cold and sunny experience in June, but be warned, the start of the summer season means hotel prices are at a premium. Don’t ignore the Alps at the start of summer, either – it may be too late for skiing but walking on the Alpine meadows is a scenic, serene experience.

Back to the beaches! Europeans head for the Med (Mediterranean) in June. The coastline, covering parts of the coast of Europe, Asia and Africa is warm to hot and sunny, packed with idyllic islands and package resorts. Madeira and Azores are great places to stop on a journey from the Americas to Europe and offer amazing beaches and quiet towns, with their own unique take on European life. Get in ahead of the summer crowds and make the most of the brilliant beaches of southern Spain, the French Riviera, Italian Amalfi Coast and Sardinia, Greek Islands, Turkey, or the North African Mediterranean coast of Tunisia and Morocco. Consider the island of Cyprus ... nights may be cool but days are sublimely hot and the resorts of Paphos  and Agia Napa are pumping even this early in the summer season.

June is the favourite month for weddings in the northern hemisphere, and newly-weds are seeking honeymoon destinations! The norm for Europeans is to take off to the Med, but if you are in for the long-haul (or coming from the USA) then Hawaii is the romantic destination of choice. The tropics are largely out of bounds for honeymooners in June, this being the start of the hurricane and wet monsoon season, but Hawaii – on the edge of the tropical zone – still has plenty of dry, sunny, romantic days to offer. So slip on your lei (floral necklace) and scoot off to Waikiki beach.

Where else in the world can you go in June? Well, on the long haul avoid the tropics, which are searingly hot, humid and wet this time of year, but give serious thought to the far north and south for a touch of chill in bright sunshine. In Iceland the sun sets only briefly for a few minutes during June, meaning the “land of fire and ice” is revealed in all its glory. Down south in New Zealand the commercial ski resorts get going in June.

The huge continent of Africa cannot be ignored in June or any other time of year! If it’s the Big Five you are after, then this is the time to see herds of wildlife congregated around the waterholes  in Botswana’s Okavango Delta – likewise in Namibia’s Etosha National Park, a prime game viewing destination.