Weather in Mauritius

climate and weather in MauritiusYour travel agent may tell you that the weather in Mauritius is glorious at any time of year, however this is not strictly true as some will tell you after having a spent a cool and damp week there over the winter months (June to September). The best time to visit Mauritius is from October to April when you are pretty much guaranteed good weather. The lush landscape is of course down to the climate in Mauritius - rain can be expected at any time of year but it usually involves short sharp showers and any grey cloud is quickly burnt off, particularly in the summer months.

You should also know that the weather varies depending on your location on Mauritius. The west of the island has the fewest rainy days and is less windy – the prevailing wind comes from the East and the weather on the South and East coasts – where many of the smartest hotels are situated – is slightly less good in winter with more rain and less sunny days. The cools winds do however temper the heat in the summer.

The cyclone season occurs between January and March and there are several cyclones each year, usually lasting for one or two days. The sea temperature is fairly warm throughout the year, ranging from 23°C in September to 28°C in March. The best time to go for diving in Mauritius is between December and March, when the water is at its clearest.


When is a good time to visit Mauritius?

For guaranteed weather go to Mauritius from November to April when temperatures vary from 26°C to 32°C. Winter temperatures are still very comfortable, but less balmy, ranging from 20°C to 26°C.


What to pack for a holiday in Mauritius?

Shorts and beach clothes and a sweater, jacket and lightweight trousers or dresses for the evenings and cooler days. Take some shoes or flip-flops for the beach as the sand gets hot and it is easy to cut your foot on the coral. You can buy sun cream when you are there.

Peak holiday season in Mauritius

The most popular time to go on holiday to Mauritius is from November to April when you can expect hot days and balmy evenings. See our detailed guides to the climate and weather in Mauritius over the peak months, including information on events and festivals taking place each month.

Off Season in Mauritius

The off-peak season runs from May to October. Prices drop in the winter, as will the temperature. Click on the links below to read reviews on the weather in Mauritius each month.


I went to Mauritius last

I went to Mauritius last October and I have to say I was disappointed with the weather. It was cold and overcast most mornings until around 11am and windy. On a couple of days it was cloudy and rainy all day. There were only a few days when we could simply lounge around the pool. We were told the weather was better at the north of the island (we stayed on the west coast of Mauritius) but the north/west coast is quite a drive away. I wish I had found climate and weather before...