Weather in London in June

June is probably the best month of the year to visit London – the weather is pleasantly warm, daylight hours are long and the full surge of summer visitors have yet to arrive. The warm weather is perfect for cruising down the Thames, or enjoying picnics in the green parks enjoying traditional English strawberries and cream. Remember, however, that London weather is unpredictable all year round and there is the ever-present threat of rainy days – ideal for retreating to a museum or art gallery.


Climate in London in June

The average temperature in London in June is a very pleasant 20°C, seldom dropping below the mid-teens. As the summer solstice arrives the hours of sunshine each day reaches seven hours. June – like any month in England – has its fair share of wet weather, though: June has an average of 11 wet days, and on rare occasions there can be thunderstorms.


Whats on in London in June

June in London starts with a bang – literally – when the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation (on 2nd June 1953) is marked with gun salutes from Hyde Park and the London Wharf. The two main events in London in June are the Trooping of the Colour – British pageantry at its best – on the Queen’s official birthday, at Horse Guard’s Parade, and the famous Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, which sees the world’s best players in action on grass courts.


What to pack for a holiday in London in June

In theory you could probably wear shorts and sundresses in London in June, but don’t count on the weather being warm just because it is the start of summer. London weather is famously unpredictable, and there can be cold snaps just as easily as heatwaves. Best be prepared for any eventuality: pop a jumper in your day-pack and always keep a light waterproof jacket handy for those inevitable rainy days.