Weather in Budapest

climate and weather in BudapestBudapest, the capital city of Hungary, straddles the Danube River in east-central Europe. The city experiences a continental climate, with four distinct seasons, the weather conditions varying from severe, very cold winters to hot, humid summers. Rain can occur all year round (with snow in the winter months), but most of the city’s annual average precipitation of 630mm (24.8in) falls in the summer (May to September). About half of the days in the warm summer months are wet.

Summer (late May to early September) in Budapest sees alternating hot spells when highs can hit 35°C (95°F), and cooler, wet periods if and when cold fronts move in from the west. Humidity levels vary. Nights are very pleasant in the suburbs but the urban heat island effect can make it warmer in the central Pest area of the city.

Autumn is Budapest is warm, with temperatures usually being maintained at above 20°C (68°F) until the end of October. Nights can be chilly, however, and frost is possible from mid-October onwards. In November the mercury drops markedly, and rain is more frequent – there may even be snow.

Winter in Budapest can be bitterly cold, with December seeing average temperatures of around 1°C (39°F) and January many degrees below freezing. Frequent snowfalls turn the city into a winter wonderland. Winter in Budapest is exacerbated by numerous meteorological influences, such as depressions from the Mediterranean, cold air from Russia and anti-cyclones hovering above Europe that produce cold fog.

Winter in Budapest is fortunately short-lived, and spring arrives in April with a burst of blossom and greenery. The weather by mid-April should be mild and relatively dry, although spring is unpredictable, particularly early in the season.

When is the best time to go to Budapest?

The most comfortable weather in Budapest is during the spring and autumn seasons, between March and May and September to November. These periods offer mild, pleasant weather and the city is not crowded with tourists. The height of summer, July and August, are busy despite this being a hot, wet season, and winters in Budapest are way too cold for most tastes.

What to pack for a holiday in Budapest

The dress code is casual and smart-casual, with jeans the unofficial national trousers. So, add T-shirts, shirts (short and long) and a light top in summer, and more layers in winter, including shirts, jerseys, thermals and a warm waterproof coat; bring sunglasses, sunscreen and hats for summer, and gloves, scarves and warm hats for winter.

Comfortable walking shoes are essential and amphibian shoes are useful, especially for adventure travel and trekking. A backpack is very convenient for day trips and great for carrying cameras, water bottles and all other travel accessories. Don’t forget to take a set of smart-casual clothing for a night out.  


Weather in Budapest in January

Average temperature in Budapest in January: -0.5C, 31°F
Relative humidity in Budapest in January: 81%
Average rainfall in Budapest in January: 42mm, 1.7in
Note: January is the coldest month in Budapest, with short, cloudy and freezing cold days. Rain, fog and snow blanket the city much of the time. The upside is that the city celebrates New Year with a host of carnival events, including street parties and the famed concert in Duna Palota. It is also a good time for grabbing bargains in the January sales, and enjoying outdoor ice-rinks.

Weather in Budapest in February

Average temperature in Budapest in February: 1C, 34°F
Relative humidity in Budapest in February: 76%
Average rainfall in Budapest in February: 44mm, 1.7in
Note: Budapest’s severe winter cold backs off a little in February, with daytime temperatures creeping up above freezing and snow/rain/sleet showers becoming less frequent. February is a month for festivals in Budapest, from the “furry pig” festival at Vaidahunyad Castle at the start of the month, through romantic Valentine’s Day concerts to fancy dress Farsang Parties celebrated everywhere. If you are lucky you will experience some sunny days in Budapest in February.

Weather in Budapest in March

Average temperature in Budapest in March: 7C, 45°F
Relative humidity in Budapest March: 67%
Average rainfall in Budapest in March: 35mm, 1.5in
Note: Spring is in the air in Budapest during March, with temperatures rising into double figures (Celsius) over the course of the month, but it is still a chilly prospect for visitors. To warm the spirits there are plenty of festivals and events during March in Budapest, such as the national holiday on March 15, celebrating the 1848 Revolution, which brings patriotic parades and musical events, along with markets offering traditional arts and crafts. With the sunshine index reaching an average of seven hours of brightness a day, it is a good time to wrap up warm and go sightseeing.

Weather in Budapest in April

Average temperature in Budapest in April: 12C, 53°F
Relative humidity in Budapest in April: 60%
Average rainfall in Budapest in April: 45mm, 1.8in
Note: The number of tourists to Budapest increases in April along with the temperature, as the city bursts into spring greenery and blossom. With cool, comfortable weather conditions and the added attraction of spring festival events, it is a good time to enjoy the city before the often sweltering summer heat and increasing incidence of rain sets in.

Weather in Budapest in May

Average temperature in Budapest in May: 17C, 62°F
Relative humidity in Budapest in May: 62%
Average rainfall in Budapest in May: 72mm, 2.8in
Note: In Budapest in May days are warm, but rain is unpredictable, more likely frequent, leading to grey skies during around half of the days of the month. Evenings are pleasant, making this a good time of year to enjoy people-watching from a terrace restaurant after dark.

Weather in Budapest in June

Average temperature in Budapest in June: 20C, 67°F
Relative humidity in Budapest in June: 62%
Average rainfall in Budapest in June: 76mm, 3in
Note: June is a very warm, wet month in Budapest, when the maximum temperature of 24°C (75°F) is exacerbated by high humidity, and skies are overcast with rain falling on an average of 13 days in the month. This should not dampen the spirits of the thousands of visitors who flood into the city for the Danube Carnival in mid-month, or the riverside Bridge Festival when Budapest’s beautiful bridges are illuminated with candles and fireworks, after a day of water parades and boat races.

Weather in Budapest in July

Average temperature in Budapest in July: 22C, 71°F
Relative humidity in Budapest in July: 60%
Average rainfall in Budapest in July: 54mm, 2.1in
Note: July is the hottest month of the year in Budapest, and coupled with the fact that it is holiday time in Europe, this leads to high numbers of visitors pouring into the city during the month. Weather conditions can be hot, sticky and very often wet, but rain showers come in spells between blazing sunshine. Summer evenings in Budapest are very warm and pleasant, and as always there are plenty of cultural music, dance and theatrical events to enjoy.

Weather in Budapest in August

Average temperature in Budapest in August: 21C, 70°F
Relative humidity in Budapest in August: 62%
Average rainfall in Budapest in August: 51mm, 2in
Note: The weather in Budapest in August is hot and humid, with the threat of occasional rain showers. This is high holiday season in Budapest, and the city is awash with carnivals and festivals, from traditional events like St Stephen’s Day on August 20 to more modern activities such as the Red Bull Air Race.

Weather in Budapest in September

Average temperature in Budapest in September: 18C, 64°F
Relative humidity in Budapest in September: 65%
Average rainfall in Budapest in September: 34mm, 1.3in
Note: September heralds the start of autumn in Budapest, with pleasant, sunny mild days the norm, but nights growing increasingly colder and frosty as the month wears on.

Weather in Budapest in October

Average temperature in Budapest in October: 12C, 53°F
Relative humidity in Budapest in October: 74%
Average rainfall in Budapest in October: 56mm, 2.2in
Note: October is cool by day in Budapest, and very chilly at night, with an almost equal chance of rainy to sunny days. Deep in Autumn in Budapest the weather can be unpredictable, but is a good month to visit as long as you are prepared for changing conditions.

Weather in Budapest in November

Average temperature in Budapest in November: 6C, 42°F
Relative humidity in Budapest in November: 81%
Average rainfall in Budapest in November: 48mm, 2.7in
Note: Temperatures plummet in Budapest during November as winter sets in, and snow is quite possible. There are sunny skies, but the air is extremely cold and crisp, the chill increased by high humidity. After dark the mercury drops to below freezing. The city gears up for the festive season with Christmas fairs.

Weather in Budapest in December

Average temperature in Budapest in December: 1C, 34°F
Relative humidity in Budapest in December: 83%
Average rainfall in Budapest in December: 48mm, 1.9in
Note: Mid-winter in Budapest brings in the big freeze, with extremely cold conditions and a frosty wind, with grey skies and frequent light flurries of snow, turning the city into a winter wonderland. It is the time for mulled wine and traditional festive markets.