Weather in Botswana

The landlocked country of Botswana, in the

Weather in Kenya

The Republic of Kenya lies on the coast of East Africa, with a coastline on the Indian Ocean in the south-east region of the country.

Weather in Morocco

The north African country of Morocco has three main geographical features – beaches, high mountains and desert - each with its own climatic conditions and appeal for

Weather in Ecuador

Equatorial Ecuador has a diverse selection of climatic regions, each offering optimal weather conditions at different times of the year.

Weather in Peru

Despite its equatorial situation, only the eastern lowlands of the South American country of Peru comply with the general characteristics of an equatorial climate.

Weather in Turkey

Climate and weather in TurkeyTurkey is well known to be the cultural meeting point b

Weather in Greece

Climate and weather in GreeceWith a Mediterranean climate, Greece enjoys a weather pattern of hot dry summers and cool to mild winters wit

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